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November 28, 2015

Just a block from New Columbia Distillers in Ivy City is Atlas Brew Works, which opened in September 2013 as the city’s fourth production brewery. It stands directly across the street from Mount Olivet Cemetery, where a number of historic brewers are buried. Like the other modern breweries, it occupies a former industrial space.

Shortly after graduating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, Justin Cox made his way up to Washington DC in pursuit of a girl. While six hundred miles may not seem like a lot, this was a very big deal for a kid that grew up in Tennessee with no plans of ever leaving.

Life in The Nation’s Capital was pretty great – after all the girl ended up being THE girl. However, there was another love brewing in Justin’s life (craft beer) and once again, he would feel compelled to take another huge risk (starting a brewery) to see if there was a there…well, there.

For Cox, brewing started as an at-home passion that over the years had grown into an obsession. While in pursuit of learning how to craft different styles of beer from fellow home brewers, Justin found himself fully immersed in a local beer community that (at the time) was still without a local brewery to proudly call their own – a problem he intended to solve.

While on a bike ride in early 2013, Justin discovered a small warehouse in Ivy City, an industrial neighborhood located just north of the H Street corridor (the Atlas District). In a matter of weeks, a lease was signed, the first tanks were ordered, and Atlas Brew Works was born.

Atlas Brew Works is the District’s first and only solar powered craft brewery. Being an environmental steward is important to Atlas. It cans its beer in 100% recyclable packaging which weighs less than glass and so uses less fossil fuel to ship in distribution. Atlas integrates recycling into many parts of its brewing process including recapturing water for re-use and donating spent grain to local farmers for use as feed and compost.

Atlas installed a 67.5 kilowatt solar panel system that should offset its electricity usage from the grid for the year. Breweries by nature are energy intensive in their processes, and the solar energy helps to greatly decrease Atlas’ environmental footprint. This is one of the largest solar arrays in the District.

Recently Atlas opened Half Street Brewery and Taproom, located steps away from Nats Park in bustling Navy Yard. The Half Street location features fifteen taps, a dozen TVs, delicious pizza + wings by Andy’s Pizza and a huge outdoor patio.

Atlas Brew Works is a neighborhood production brewery and taproom with two locations in Washington DC. We make crave-worthy artisanal beer in a variety of styles at our facilities in Ivy City and on Half Street.

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