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December 28, 2015

A blueberry farmer named Joe Keel established the Keel and Curley winery as someone ready to utilize his end-of-crop berries. His first ten wine gallons, however, didn’t taste as great as expected. After many attempts of making more gallons, the wine became perfect, and we welcomed keel and Curley into the World. After all, great taste means excellent popularity. The characteristics’ extraordinary nature enabled the winery to branch out from blueberries to barley and, in October 2013, established the two Henrys brewing companies.

The appreciable boom in craft beer and breweries favored establishing the two Henrys brewing companies that got its name from two popular Florida Henrys, Henry Flagler and Henry Plant. The former was already famous for developing Florida’s east coast with luxurious hotels and railroads. Simultaneously, the latter also was a railroad tycoon who generously helped create Tampa after the civil war. The two Henrys’ already present railroads that favorably were cutting through the swamplands drew more visitors to Florida, mainly as the interstate highways emerged.

In an effort to emphasize its country and agrarian roots, Thonotossa’s Keel Farms recently refreshed its looks, logo, and brewery name in late 2019.

“Keel Farms’ new logo, looks, and brewery name reflect its community commitment and connection to the land. Things will look different, but even as President Clay Keel’s team continues innovating and trying new flavors, your tried-and-true favorites will remain the same,” promised a release from Keel Farms.

Two Henrys Brewing has now been renamed ‘Keel Farms Agrarian Ale + Cider.

The release also gives a little context to the spankin’ new name, “The Plant City brewery’s new name, Keel Farms Agrarian Ale + Cider, gives a fresh makeover to the Keel Farms’ brand recognition, country roots, and mission of crafting the best-tasting beverages from farm-fresh, locally-sourced produce.”

Two Henrys is always tapping new and seasonal beers. We have 5 signature craft beers and rotate out a wide selection of premiere seasonal selections. To learn more about our beer selections, please click on ‘Beers’ in the navigation bar.To keep up with all the great news and events that come out of Two Henrys Brewing Company.

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