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9750 Indiana Pkwy, Munster,
Indiana 46321


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December 28, 2017

If breweries were crayons, 3 Floyds would be a 64-pack of Crayolas. One wall is yellow, the other is teal, another is blue, and yet another is purple. Hanging on those walls are big, colorful paintings of logos for brews named Rabbid Rabbit, Behemoth, and the notorious Gumball Head. None would appear out of place in Mad magazine.

3 Floyds had been a successful production brewery for more than a decade before anyone worried about interior design. The first brewing facility was in Hammond, because 5,000 square feet was $500 bucks a month back then. The operation moved to Munster in 2000.

The company made its first baby steps toward becoming what it is today when it started selling beer outside in a 20-square-foot area from a kiosk featuring industrial chairs and a roll-up counter. There, patrons could buy growlers to go. Considering their ever-growing popularity, the three Floyds—father Mike and his sons Simon and Nick—devised a business plan to open their brewpub. For $1,000, a patron could buy stock in the business and get a free pint a day. More than one hundred signed on for varying amounts of money, and thus the company had the capital to become a full-fledged brew-pub in 2006.

Tap handles from hundreds of microbrews encircle the tops of the walls at 3 Floyds. There is also a bevy of toys and collectors’ items decorating shelves, including Simpsons memorabilia and figurines of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, the Ramones, the Notorious B.I.G., Pee-wee Herman and Ozzy Os -bourne. At one spot a Cheech and Chong lunch-box holds a Texas Chainsaw Massacre doll.

A window in the back of the dining room looks into the gigantic brewing area in a warehouse behind the brewpub. Nick learned brewing at Chicago’s Siebel Institute.

In addition to house-brewed beers, half the taps at 3 Floyds pour guest beers, typically the best in the region. Their names are written in colored chalk on a blackboard that hangs to the right of the bar. The board is as crazy-colorful as the wackiest of 3 Floyd’s logos. Brewer Andrew Maston said that artwork and beer at 3 Floyd’s have a chicken-and-egg relationship.

The brewery is renowned for its annual Dark Lord Day, the last Saturday in April, when the team taps kegs of an enormous Russian Imperial stout that is 15 percent alcohol and hits with an equally huge flavor.

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