Franklins Restaurant & Brewery


5123 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville,
Maryland 20710


(301) 927-2740

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November 19, 2016

Located in the heart of historic Hyattsville MD, Franklins is Prince George’s County’s first microbrewery, and the only combination restaurant, brewery, and toy store in the world.

In 1992, Mike and Debra Franklin purchased the former Hyattsville Hardware Co, a local institution located on a dying strip of Route 1. The couple opened Franklins General Store & Deli to recapture the spirit of bustling community activity. The deli soon became a popular lunch spot and eventually outgrew its limited space. In 2002, Franklins closed the deli portion of the store to open a 200 seat brewpub and double the size of the general store.

We source our food locally whenever possible. It is our philosophy that choosing fresh, local ingredients benefits both our guests and our community. Whether it is a dry aged burger from Baltimore County, or a tomato grown in Prince George’s County, our customers get to enjoy the freshness and vitality that seasonal food at its peak can bring, while also supporting the local hardworking people who provide us with such food.

Our beers are brewed in house by our brewmaster Mike Roy on a 10-barrel Bohemian Brewing Company system (see our end-to-end brewing process here). We focus on brewing a wide variety of styles, and are extremely proud to have 18 beers on tap at a time, plus a house-made, caffeine- and gluten-free root beer. Our root beer is made with cane sugar and is nature-friendly too — we’ve partnered with the Anacostia Watershed Society to donate $0.10 for every root beer bottle returned. See the back of our bottle for details.

In addition, Franklins’ beers are never pasteurized, nor are any chemical preservatives or additives used. Many of our beers are fit for vegan consumption and any product like lactose (milk sugar) or honey will be noted on the beer menu. Franklins has won over 180 awards at competitions like the Great British Beer Festival, the Great International Beer Competition, the United States Beer Tasting Championship, and the Maryland Craft Beer Competition.

A Family Friendly Brewpub Since 2002

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