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Jailbreak Brewing Co.
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December 5, 2019

Friends Justin Bonner (45% owner) and Kasey Turner (45% owner) along with Thomas R. McGuire Jr., (10% owner) started Jailbreak Brewing Co. Boner and Turner had high-powered, top-paying jobs running companies in Howard County for many years. Bonner was the former CEO and managing partner of a government contracting company in Elkridge MD, Turner was a minority partner in a high-tech firm in Columbia, MD.

Bonner, a wine connoisseur, considered buying land for a winery, but decided that Maryland’s soil and the amount of rain here was not the best to produce the quality of grapes he envisioned. The two friends went to a craft brewery conference in D.C. and began visiting local breweries that the light bulb went off.

Planning began in 2013, with Turner and Bonner spared no expense, $2.1 million of their own money. The  two partners stated that they wanted Laurel for their brewery because of its potential customer base and mainly because of Laurel’s water. The water quality is better because it has less chlorine and does not requiring much filtering to make their beers,

Jailbreak, became the first production brewery in Howard County when they opened their doors in April 2014. The 10,200 square feet building, includes a 3,200 square foot tap room, and brewing facility in full view of the Taproom through a glass wall behind the U shaped bar. The capacity initially was 82 seats, which included 20 seats at the bar and the remainder of the seats at tables. At the time of opening, the liquor license prevented Jailbreak from having a kitchen and limited them to the sale of no more than 500 barrels of beer per year for on­site consumption. Food was available to customers through food trucks that were outside the premises during operating hours.

Less than a year later in January 2015, Jailbreak added eight new research and development fermenters in order to producing a few gallons of experimental beers. Shortly after they added two new, full-sized fermenters and a brite tank, increasing capacity by 50% allowing for the production of 2,400 barrels per year. Jailbreak contracted the River City Cannery from the District of Columbia to provide a mobile canning line, which helped with expansion into local and regional markets.

After a busy 2016, projections for 2017 would have seen the tap room close in September or October to avoid going over the barrel maximum. By changing the type of liquor license, the tap room will be able to serve more beer, but the facility had to have a kitchen, which played into the decision to expand.

Adding additional space, the entire facility was increased to 16,000 square foot, and the taproom capacity was increased to 150-plus people. On late April 8th 2018, they expanded their Taproom with the addition of FoodWorks, under the Chef Alfredo Malinis Jr., who previously served as executive chef for Gov. Larry Hogan and as the opening chef for Levels in Annapolis. Jailbreak used about 2,000 square feet of the existing space to incorporate a kitchen.

Currently the brewery has a 20-barrel (620 gallon), 4 brewhouse. The system was specifically constructed by DME fin Canada that includes a Grist Hopper, Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Boil Kettle, Whirlpool and heat exchanger. The system can produce three batches of beer during each brewing shift. There are 460 barrels of fermenting beer in 11 fermenters and three brite tanks where the beer is conditioned, and a new canning line that can operate at 60 cans per minute.

We are a production craft brewery located in Laurel, Maryland. In addition to serving our beers to hundreds of restaurants, bars and retailers across the state, we also operate a Taproom with a capacity of 150-plus people. We offer 12-15 different styles of beer for purchase by the pint, sample flights, and crowlers or growlers to go!

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