Silver Branch Brewing Co.

Now called Silver Ox after merger in April 2022 with Old Ox Brewery Co (VA)
Silver Branch Brewing Co.
8401 Colesville Rd, Ste 150,
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

(301) 264-7111

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December 5, 2019

Silver Branch Brewing Company is a production brewery and taproom located in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring immediately adjacent to the Silver Spring red line metro stop.

Silver Branch was founded by Christian Layke and Brett A. Robison in January 2017. As long-time beer lovers with an appreciation for the four major brewing cultures, they will brew and serve excellent beer inspired by European and American beer traditions.

Silver Branch owners fell in love with a location in downtown Silver Spring, MD because of its proximity to the DC metro, space directly to a large plaza shared with other retail and office buildings and surrounding population density. 

Only two huge problems to overcome: the plaza level where the brewery was proposed was actually the third story of the building and the floor below was occupied by another tenant! TEC developed a solution to install a new floating floor above the existing framed level connected directly to the columns once, through analysis, that the columns and foundations had the capacity to support the 20,000 lb 45 bbl fermenters.  The brewery successfully opened in the late winter of 2019.

The taproom has a custom hickory butcher block style bar, hickory tables, trimwork, paneling and wall cladding.  In addition, there is an intricate wood and silver powder coated metal back bar shelving unit, drink rails and custom 8 foot diameter silver metal chandeliers!

APRIL 2022:  Silver Branch Brewing Company of Silver Spring, Maryland and Old Ox Brewery of Ashburn, Virginia, have announced they will merge to create a new holding company called Silver Ox. Both companies will maintain independent production breweries, taprooms, and beer brands, and leaders say they don’t expect layoffs as a result of the merger.

On a basic level, the merger pairs one brewery with maxed-out-capacity (Silver Branch) and one that still has physical space to produce more beer (Old Ox). Silver Branch will gain access to space and equipment to increase its volume, while Old Ox says it expects to benefit from the taproom- and hospitality-focused expertise that Silver Branch’s leadership brings. Together, they hope to create a company that’s larger and has more diverse expertise than either does on its own.

We are a production craft brewery located in Laurel, Maryland. In addition to serving our beers to hundreds of restaurants, bars and retailers across the state, we also operate a Taproom with a capacity of 150-plus people. We offer 12-15 different styles of beer for purchase by the pint, sample flights, and crowlers or growlers to go!

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