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135 Main Street, North Woodstock,
New Hampshire 03262


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First Visited

July 1 thru 7, 2007

Woodstock Station was originally the Lincoln Railroad Station, built in the late 1800s. From the beginning, it was a busy station. Logging and paper production was the valley’s main industries and the railroad played a key role. During the summer, the train brought tourists who used the many large and luxurious resort hotels in the area as a base while exploring the region’s many natural wonders. In the ’30s and ’40s, ski trains also frequented the station, bringing skiers from Boston and other cities. Appearing hardier and more informal than their modern counterparts, skiers were loaded on logging trucks at the station and taken to various slopes in the area.

In the summer of 1984, Jimmy Fadden and crew sawed the station in half and moved it to its present location. The freight room of the station is now the dance floor and the passenger waiting room is our lower dining room. The stationmaster’s office is still intact and serves as a small dining room. In 1986, The Stock Room was added. In the early days of the railroad, all supplies were kept in the stockroom. During the summer of ‘93, the Porter’s Room was built to provide more dining space. Shortly after, in ‘96, the Woodstock Inn Brewery and Brew Pub was conceived.

The 7 Barrel brewing facility would be the proud producer of many award-winning ales, such as Pigs Ear Brown Ale. The Brew Pub itself, Woodstock’s homage to a cozy English Style Pub. The turn of the century brought more growth starting with the acquirement of the Sawyer House on the corner of School Street in ‘01 and later the Adirondack-inspired Cascade Lodge in ‘06.

To meet increased demand, in 2013 the brewery added a new 30-barrel brewing system to their original 7-barrel system. The expansion allowed the brewery, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in December, to increase its beer production to about 10,000 barrels.

NOTE: Visited dates were 1 July to 7 July, 2007, this was our honeymoon and when we enjoyed the brewer’s weekend, learning and actually brewing beer, and yes, it is me in the images below.

Inside every one of our beers, you’ll discover a little bit of what makes New Hampshire special. From the mountains, lakes, and streams, to the farms, small towns, cities and seacoast. Buy our beer at fine outlets across New England. Or better yet, come up to visit us and sample from the source. 20 plus years ago we began with a seven-barrel system, added a 30-barrel production facility and lab that visitors will discover on the premises today. Visit the brewery, take a tour, eat, or stay with us at the Inn!

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