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November 10, 2018

Rob Kolb and Anthony Accardi first shared a beer in 2005 when they were avid amateur bicycle racers. They soon realized that they shared a love of food and a passion for making it themselves. From making homemade corned beef to experimenting with pickle recipes, a lasting friendship was born. Many meals and beers later, Rob persuaded Anthony to dust off old the home-brew equipment he had from the 1990’s as a home-brewer and the seeds of Transmitter Brewing were sown.

Rob and Anthony founded Transmitter in 2014 in Long Island City, in a location under the Pulaski Bridge and began brewing beers that focus on traditional and farmhouse ales, including Belgian- and French-style beers, as well as barrel-aged sours.

With this is mind, they secured over 20 isolated strains of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus, as well as having a brewhouse library of traditional Belgian, French, English and American yeasts.

That original LIC location is now closed, and the brewery made its way in May 2019 to Brooklyn, to a leased 8,165-sf space at the newly renovated Navy Yard Building 77, in Brooklyn. Transmitter moved all of their production equipment, piece by piece, to the new space, but what sets it apart is the large tasting room–the first time Transmitter served on-premise draft beer– 14 draft lines, that feature their broad spectrum of farmhouse ales and lagers (the previous location had only served bottle pours).

The beer packaging—labeling system, was designed specially for Transmitter Brewing by artist and designer Jeff Rogers (also of Brooklyn).  He gets the credit for Transmitter’s label design system that was inspired by an article showcasing QSL radio cards from the ’30s and ’40s.  The QSL cards were created by ham radio operators, and used type, color, and graphic elements that indicated information from a radio contact from a particular country or area. An ideal inspiration for the appropriately named Transmitter Brewery—due to it’s proximity to Transmitter Park in Brooklyn.

Our mission at Transmitter Brewing is to leverage our passion, and introduce you to compelling and unique beers with an appreciation of their history and a focus on the quality of ingredients. We are constantly striving to create approachable interesting yeast driven beers with complimenting grains and hops.

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