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September 19, 2016

Veteran homebrewer Matt Schlabach and his wife, Meredith Borders, purchased the nearly one-acre parcel of land off the Eastex Freeway in 2009, and had hoped to open a brewpub on the property in 2012. The founding couple behind City Acre found themselves up against complicated beer bureaucracy that dampened the industry in Houston. For the time being, the space functioned as a special events location, hosting weddings and dinners while offering their beer.

After several tasting events and test batches of beer, City Acre installed its fermenter tanks in the summer of 2013. While waiting on permit approvals and facing construction interruptions, the space, which features an expansive garden and fantastical, gargoyle-guarded, Victorian-style “castle,” served as a special event venue and de facto tasting lab.

Then, in the summer of 2016, with political hurdles cleared, City Acre opened their doors to the public and have found themselves well received ever since. This is due their focus on their craft brewing, seriously delicious food menu, and commitment to high quality ingredients.

Setting itself apart from other area breweries, City Acre also serves beer-inspired food from locally obtained ingredients and hosts themed events including quarterly harvest dinners featuring unique beer pairings. Dig into shared bites like homemade soft pretzels, charcuterie plates or Belgian style frites. Or, go big with an array of burgers and sandwiches.

Located on a beautiful plot of land, albeit right next to the highway just outside of Houston, City Acre Brewing Company is an oasis in the middle of a metropolitan area that boasts over six million inhabitants. It may be just a block away from the US-59 feeder, but once you’ve entered the expansive front yard of City Acre Brewing, you’ll feel delivered to a place miles away from the bustling freeway. And on a nice weather day, it’s hard to beat finding a seat among the tall swaying trees that dot the brewery’s gardens while imbibing in impressive beer and delectable foods.

Making  your way over from the gated lot across the street you enter through rows of planters that are packed with  more than 50 varieties of fruit, vegetable plants and trees growing on the property’ that find their way into a hearty menu of burgers, sandwiches, salads, as well as a strong weekend brunch menu. They might even be slipped in with the beer too, for certain batches.

Beyond the gardens, you’ll find the barn-style taproom providing air-conditioned seating and frequently rotating taps. From tables to taps and benches, most of what you see inside is handcrafted by the same minds behind the brews. Out the taproom doors, you’ll find patio and beer garden furniture stretched across their grassy lawn, offering everyone plenty of choices to enjoy a drink while still feeling a bit of privacy from other patrons.

Our goal is to brew world class beers and deliver them to our customers as fresh as possible. Our customers are beer lovers – people that appreciate great, full-flavored beers.

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