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November 15, 2019

Launching a business is a family affair. Just ask the Hartogses, the entrepreneurial family behind Rocket Frog Brewing Company,  officially opened its doors in Sterling on May 19, 2018.  Twin brothers David and Richard Hartogs partnered with David’s wife, Jennifer Showell-Hartogs to open the uniquely named Rocket Frog Brewing Company. They brought in their  brother, Peter Hartogs, and Ph.D. in biochemistry, as an investor and chronicler for a documentary film series on starting a brewery called LAUNCH OF A BREWERY.  Russell Carpenter, joined the new brewery as head brewer.

Rocket Frog began with a custom 15 barrel (BBL) brewhouse from Specific Mechanical out of Victoria, BC. , four 30BBL fermenters and one 15BBL fermenter for sour beers, such as Berlinerweiss and Goses. They also had some 30BBL brite tanks and a 1/2BBL Sabco system used for test batches.

The Arlington-natives, David and Richard Hartogs initially sought to open a brewery in Arlington and name it either Great Falls Brewing Company or Arlington Brewing Company. After eight months of prospecting for a building they changed course all around. In the meantime, Richard Hartogs saw the 2013 story of rocket frog go viral, sometime after the actual event took place.

The story goes like this: A frog was caught by the ignition of a Minotaur V rocket and hurled high in the air in a cloud of smoke as the LADEE spacecraft lifted off the ground during a Wallops Island Spaceport launch on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. A NASA photograph captured the event. The New York Daily News published the amazing photo with the headline, “One Giant Leap for Frogkind.” It also  turned out the rocket was made by Orbital ATK, a mile from the brewery.

We take great pride in crafting the very best we can and we invite you to visit and experience all that we have to offer.

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