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390 William Avenue, Davis,
West Virginia 26260


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October 12, 2019

Jon Robeson and his wife Cindy have been in Davis since 2003. They moved there to purchase the Meyer House bed & breakfast inn, which they continue to operate. When not working on his brewery, you can find Jon donning his lawyer hat and doing real estate closings in West Virginia and Maryland.

As much as possible, Stumptown will attempt to include local ingredients in its brews. They developed a recipe for Cranky Conifer Ale that includes local spruce tips. As the brewery develops, look for more beers flavored with ingredients foraged from the local mountain forests and farms.

At the brewery, Robeson pulled in Jeff Melnick to assist him with the brewing. Melnick has been a fast learner, mastering the operation of the Sabco Brew Magic system that will supply the brewery taps. Melnick even developed his own hop infuser apparatus he named Jeff’s Hopitizermjiggy.

While outdoor recreation has taken precedence over timbering these days, you will find some beautiful examples of woodwork in Stumptown’s tasting room. The impressive bar is made from a 21-foot solid red oak log. Tables are crosscut slices of logs, as are the backboards for the brewery taps.

You don’t have to be a lumberjack to appreciate the warm ambiance the woodwork imparts to the room. With a fireplace at one end, just picture yourself sitting there cozying up this winter with your Big Boy Pants in your hand.

Stumptown is an old nickname for the town of Davis from back in its timbering days. They said you could walk across the area, stepping from stump to stump, without ever putting your foot on the ground.

So what’s up with the town of Davis? It has only 660 people but will soon be home to its second craft brewery. If you go three miles down the road to Thomas (pop. 586), you have another brewery, Mountain State Brewing Co.

We pay homage to hops, brew with passion and precision and embrace our town’s storied history. We are Stumptown Ales.  IPA’s rule our taps – from easy drinking sessions to life-changing triple’s.  For us, life starts at the hop.  Timbering created Davis; back then you could hop through town on stumps. One hundred years later, new growth towers above.

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