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December 26, 2017

Capital Brewery was founded in 1984, and brewed their first batch of beer, a pilsner, in the spring of 1986 and was founded to brew traditional German style lager beer in America. It has branched out to include American style ales, barrel aged beers, and several distinct IPA’s. Capital Amber (the largest seller) has been available in cans since 1999.

Capital is committed to sustainability and installed solar electric panels in April of 2014. Spent grain is provided to feed cattle raised by an area farmer. The Capital Brewery Bike Club was formed in 2009 and now over 100 riders meet regularly at the Brewery every Tuesday and Thursday when the weather is pleasant.

The Capital Brewery Bier Garten is open April through October and often hosts live music as well as numerous public and private events. It is known as ‘Middleton’s Backyard’ and typically attracts over 1500 patrons on Fridays, May through September. A Beer Patio was added in 2016 along Terrace Ave.

The indoor Bier Stube and Grain Room are open during the winter months (approximately November – April) and is also available for private events. Tours of the facility may be scheduled on its website.

Since occupying our current building in 1985, Capital Brewery has implemented many features and processes aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment. This includes upgrading our refrigeration system. Whereas in the past the system was cooled with water, we’ve found that it’s more efficient to use glycol—an air-based approach—to get the job done.

The boiler we’d been using, a 40-plus year-old piece of equipment that had served us well since we produced our first beer in 1986 was replaced with a new boiler that utilizes natural gas to produce steam more efficiently.

Our new kegging machine doubles the capacity of what we brew while reducing beer loss, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars each year. The new machine also provides us with gallons of recovered waste water, which we use to wash used kegs.

Other changes to our brewing process have resulted in green gains—and production gains—that cut the time it takes to brew each beer. Capital can essentially brew a pint of our celebrated Wisconsin lager using seven pints of water now. In the past, it would have taken 12 pints of water to make the very same—naturally exquisite—beer. A fine improvement, we think.

At Capital Brewery we know that no matter how good our product is, we can always make it better. When it comes to sustainability, our philosophy in business dovetails nicely with our commitment to the environment: do what’s right. Seek out every improvement. For the customer. The community. The world around us. Even the bottom line. In fact, the green choice, we’re constantly discovering, is often the best choice. It’s another step forward, a continuation of our love for Wisconsin’s heritage. We want to help preserve the state’s pristine environment.

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