G-Five Brewing Co.

G-Five Brewing Co.

1895 Gateway Blvd
Beloit, WI 53511


(608) 368-7492

First Visited

December 27, 2019

Perched on a hilltop with a nice sunset view over Beloit, G5 Brewing opened in May, 2019. It’s located along Gateway Blvd. on Beloit’s east side in a building with a modern design and lots of windows. At G5, the “G” stands for “Gunderson,” the founding family. It’s a family of five, so that tells you how the number came about.

Brewhouse consultant and nationally certified Master Beer Judge, Keith Symonds, was hired to help establish the G5 Brewing brand. The Gateway brewery features a 10-barrel brewing system.

A highlight of the 9,750-square-G Five space, one that provides their customers with expanded social options during the summer months, is seeing the back of the bar open up onto the attached beer garden—the heart of the project.. This feature, when combined with great food and tasty craft beer recipes, brings together the outdoors and delivers a unique and memorable experience.

With windows all around and high ceilings, G5 feels very expansive; the views of the sunset can be particularly enjoyable from the long bar or the seating areas, which wrap around the south and west sides of the building. G5 sits atop a hill on Gateway Boulevard, in area otherwise filled with light industrial buildings and some newer apartments in this fast-growing section in eastern Beloit.

The Gunderson family believes it’s their craft beer recipes that truly sets them apart and the driving factor for converting first-time guests into regulars. Their focus is on creating the best ales possible by paying attention to the ingredients used and to develop a loyal following of craft beer drinkers throughout their community.

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