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January 12, 2021

The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company was established by college friends Eliot Butler and Rob LoBreglio. The two dreamed of starting a Brewpub that offered many varieties of house-brewed ales and lagers and hearty made-from-scratch pub fare to accompany the beers. The original Downtown location opened in November 1994 and became the first brewery to operate in the city of Madison since the closing of the Fauerbach Brewery in 1966. The Great Dane’s revitalization of Madison’s brewing industry also marked a new beginning in the fascinating history of The Fess Hotel property. In the 1850s George and Anna Fess opened a hotel, livery, and eatery on Doty Street (then called Clymer Street), a business that was to stay in family hands for over one hundred years. The Victorian cream brick half of the building was erected in 1883, while the Queen Anne pressed brick side, originally built in the 1850s, was remodeled to its present appearance in 1901. Both portions of the structure are among the finest examples of their architectural styles in Madison.

In 1973 an ambitious renovation of the property began; upstairs hotel rooms were converted into office suites, the Fess Restaurant began its twenty-year run of fine dining and the building was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. In June 1994 the Fess restaurant ended operations, the property was sold, and The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company had found its home.

The Hilldale location opened in 2006 and is the third Great Dane pub. Hilldale expanded its brewery and added a pool hall in 2009.

The combination of historic ambiance, award-winning food and brewery products, and caring, attentive service, has made the downtown Great Dane Pub Madison’s most award-winning restaurant. We invite you to return again and again, each time discovering something new to love about the downtown Great Dane Pub-because something new is always brewing…

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