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May 3, 2022

To us a name isn’t just something you grab out of thin air. It needs to mean something.  It needs to come from a special place in order to resonate. So why “The Lone Girl Brewing Company” you ask?  Great question! You likely know the reason behind the “Brewing Company” part of our name (hint: We brew our own beer on site).  So, let’s focus on the “The Lone Girl” portion.

First some background.  Our names are Kevin Abercrombie and Paul Kozlowski, you can call us Kev and Koz.  A long time ago in a galaxy south of the Wisconsin border, we were college students at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  We met, became great friends, drank a few beers (and maybe some whiskey) and had a lot of fun. A country boy from Ohio and a city boy from Chicago – a somewhat unlikely pairing brought together by a mutual affection for family, friends, and beer.  We cracked jokes, hung out, worked together in the bar and restaurant industry, and dreamed about what the future might hold. Little did we know, this dream would lead to Kevin and his wife Kerry adopting “the only Waunakee in the world” as their hometown and making our vision a reality.  Seriously, beer as a business, who would have thought?

Fast Forward. If you would have told us back in 1990-something that we would end up with 7 kids between our  two families we probably would have laughed. But in hindsight we aren’t surprised. Our families are what meant everything to us back then just as they do now.  This is why we do what we do.  To build something our family and friends can be proud of and enjoy.  We consider you, our customer, to be part of our family..and our journey.

So what the #$%* does any of this have to do with the name? Why the Lone Girl?  You see, out of those 7 kids we have, only 1 is a girl – The Lone Girl  (awwwww) –Kevin’s Daughter.  We came up with over 80 names but kept coming back to The Lone Girl because it came from somewhere.  It meant something to us and we hope it does to you also.

While the name is inspired by one of our children it is not meant to represent her.  Rather it is meant to represent something that means more to us than just being a name.  It is meant to represent family and friends, the things we care about most, our community and the cherished memories we make together.

The Lone Girl is a craft brewery, brewpub, and family-friendly restaurant with rooftop deck and space for private and company events. Just minutes away from Madison, The Lone Girl offers delicious food, craft beer, and other drinks in a fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy – from couples and groups of friends to families with kids.

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