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2001 Atwood Avenue
Madison, WI 53704


(608) 630-9286

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December 23, 2014

Peter Gentry founded One Barrel Brewing Co. in Madison in 2012 by brewing his beer recipes one barrel at a time — hence the name.  The Madison location brews 150 barrels a year,

Gentry was a home brewer before opening the original One Barrel nanobrewery — a brewhouse using one to three barrels — in a Madison neighborhood in 2012.

Expect penguins. Lots of them. The arctic bird not only is the namesake of One Barrel’s pale ale, it’s also featured on company taps, caps, T-shirts and more. The penguin seems to be almost a One Barrel mascot. Gentry stated “I was working on names and things (before opening the original brewery), and the penguin was the only thing I could draw.”

Our 80 seat Madison Taproom is the heart, soul, and personality of our brewing operation. Our brewmaster crafts one barrel (31 gallon) batches that are only available here, in addition to testing pilot batches that will satisfy the Wisconsin masses. Come and visit our cozy neighborhood bar for a pint or two with your new best friends.

The Madison-based craft brewery opened a new location in Egg Harbor, Door County, on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

One Barrel Brewing Company is the 13th largest craft brewery in Wisconsin. In 2018, the company made about 5,100 barrels of beer and cider.

We also offer wines, hard ciders, a locally-focused snack menu, and a generally laid-back Wisconsin tavern vibe.  In fact, the only thing we don’t offer is the answers to life’s greatest questions… although some say they can be found at the bottom of a glass.

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