Second Salem Brewing Co.

Second Salem Brewing Co. Whitewater, WI

111 W Whitewater St,
Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190


(262) 473-2920

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April 1, 2022

Whitewater residents Christ Christon and Thayer Co­burn debuted the Second Salem Brewing Company, a craft brewery, restaurant and meeting place located in the remodeled building that formerly housed Novak’s Restaurant. It’s near the intersection of Main and Whitewater streets overlooking Cravath Lake in December 2014. The former Novak’s Restaurant became the Whitewater Street Restaurant in May 2010, and in 2011, Christon operated the Lakeside Pub within the same location. His family operated both the restaurant and Gus’ Pizza, but for Christon, the Lakeside Pub provided a chance to explore his true love: brewing craft beer.

Whitewater garnered the nickname “Second Salem” due to the alleged presence of witches in the city, a legend perpetuated by mischievous university upperclassmen onto gullible freshmen and other superstitious souls for nearly a century now. The basis for those tales was the Morris Pratt Institute, a spiritualism-based religious organization that used to be located in the city. Local fables and history also play a part in the name of the single-barrel beers brewed on site. With names like Witchtower Pale Ale, Beast of Bray Road Amber Ale, Old Main Golden Ale and Second Salem Porter, the cultural influence of the region is obvious.

Second Salem had traded on the city’s history with crafts like The Beast of Bray Road Amber Ale, Wytches Brew Coffee Porter, Black Mass Stout, Old Main Golden Ale, Witchtower Pale Ale, Bone Orchard IPA, Killer Hill Winter Ale, The Reaper Pale Wheat Ale, the Wild Man of La Grange Hefeweizen, and plenty more. Some are signature brews, some are seasonal – selections range throughout the year.

The Tap Room is a large area and a separate room can host additional events. There’s also a patio overlooking Cravath Lake. Second Salem Brewing has its brewery, restaurant, and tap room right in downtown Whitewater, a block off Business U.S. 12 and just southeast of the UW-Whitewater campus.

Second Salem is a popular destination for beer enthusiasts, day trippers, and locals alike, and has been featured on Travel Wisconsin and the Travel Channel.

Second Salem Brewing Company is located on the east end of Downtown Whitewater at 111 Whitewater Street.  Second Salem offers exciting craft beer produced in their one-barrel nanobrewery, amazing food, a comfortable, inviting lounge, and a warm-weather patio overlooking Cravath Lake.

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