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December 23, 2014

It all started with brothers Carl and Mike Nolen and brewmaster Kirby Nelson. Three Wisconsin-born-and-raised regular guys who share a passion for the Badger State — its friendly people, bountiful resources, rich brewing heritage — and the idea that drawing on all of the above is the key to creating some really awesome beer.

We live, eat, breathe and brew Wisconsin. WBC’S home is “Hometown U.S.A.”, Verona, Wisconsin. We source local ingredients from local growers every chance we get (which is most of the time.) And every piece of the brewery that could be made in Wisconsin was made in Wisconsin. Steel from Waunakee. Steamwork from Milwaukee. Blacktop from Waukesha. Electrical from Mt. Horeb. Even a genuine Huppmann Brewhouse, designed in Germany but constructed in Hudson, Wisconsin — and delivered to the brewery exactly on schedule. The end result is an awesome facility that blends the very best aspects of old world craftsmanship and kick-ass technology that could potentially brew 300,000 barrels annually.

We started brewing in august of 2013, setting off a perpetual motion machine of new brew creation that shows no sign of stopping.

In what is believed to be the first acquisition of a Wisconsin-based brick and mortar brewing company by another state craft beer producer, WBC purchased the assets and brands of Lake Louie in 2019.

In an effort to diversify and grow its business, WBC began a $6 million expansion begining in the fall of 2019  producing non-alcoholic health and nutritional beverages for other companies on contract. The move could add 80,000 barrels of production a year to the Verona brewing facility that in 2018 made 18,404 barrels of beer for itself and other beer companies on contract. That made it the fourth largest craft brewery in the state, according to data from the State Department of Revenue.

Our promise to you: we will brew an incredible variety of beers that are loaded with awesome flavor, made with passion, pride and creativity, and are always fun to drink! we believe that beer is here to enhance the enjoyment of life, making good times great and great times even better. that’s our philosophy, and we hope you’ll raise your glass to it, as well. After all, while it’s our craft, and our passion, at the end of the day, it’s your beer!

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